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Children's candy snacks eat little knowledge
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 The baby is more suitable for eating children's candy and dairy products containing high-quality protein, fat, sugar, calcium and other nutrients. Can be used as a snack for your baby to eat every day. Fruity yoghurt and cheese are suitable for a meal between meals.

 The fruit is rich in sugar, vitamins and minerals. The baby eats not only to promote appetite, but also to help digestion. You can eat your baby between lunch and dinner every day, but be sure to use fresh and ripe fruit, because immature fruit will stimulate your baby's gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea and bloating. The small dots made of cereals can supplement the heat energy. They should be given to the baby in the morning meal, but they should not be given too much. Do not give it to the baby before eating, so as not to affect the good appetite of the baby at lunch. .

 After the meal, give your baby some appetizing snacks, children's candy, such as hawthorn cake, fruit bark, apricot meat, etc. These small foods can promote the baby's digestion and keep him a good appetite. Snacks that need to eat less or not eat

 Carbonated drinks: If you want to give your baby a drink and no longer drink milk, you can give your baby a diluted, unsweetened juice.

 Fast food: Do not give your baby fast food, fries, hamburgers, sausages and other high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar foods.

 Popcorn and chocolate: popcorn has a high lead content, children have weak detoxification effect on lead, and eating popcorn is very prone to chronic lead poisoning; excessive consumption of chocolate will cause the central nervous system to be in an abnormal state of excitement and anxiety. Symptoms such as rapid heartbeat affect your child's appetite.

 Foods that may be squatting: raisins, popcorn, chunks of apples, jellies, etc. When the baby is small, you should be careful when eating peanuts and nuts. It is best to help the adults to break or chew them before eating.

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