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Children's candy needs to pay attention to eating
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1. Precautions for children's candy types and eating time.

Under normal circumstances, people can meet the physiological needs of nutrients through three meals a day, there is no need to eat snacks. But in some special cases, eating some snacks will be good for the body. As long as you scientifically choose the type of snacks, the time of eating, and pay attention to hygiene, snacks will not only harm your health, but also supplement the nutrients such as trace elements that are missing in three meals a day.

2, children's candy snacks are also graded.

Generally, snacks are divided into 10 categories. According to the nutritional characteristics and production methods of each type of snacks, they are divided into three recommended grades, which can be eaten regularly, such as yogurt and fruit; proper consumption, such as biscuits and snacks; limited consumption, Such as fritters, instant noodles, puffed food.

3, it is not easy to eat too many children's candy two hours before the meal.

The time for snacking needs to be arranged reasonably. Generally, between meals, the best time is 9-10 am and 3-4 pm, both of which are about 2 hours away from the dinner time. Secondly, don't eat snacks before going to bed. The result of eating will inevitably lead to overeating. During this time, the child has no physical activity. In the long run, it will easily lead to excessive weight.

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