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A new generation of functional candy counterattack battle
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Candy, sweet and happy food, almost no child does not like, almost everyone's childhood has a passion for candy.

However, in recent years, the candy market has undergone tremendous changes. People's attention to nutrition and health has made high-sugar foods unprecedentedly resistant. Casual snacks have seized the market share of some traditional sweets, and the candy industry has become more and more concentrated. Some giant companies have to make changes to seek a breakthrough.

But this does not mean that the candy industry is destined to fall, people still want to eat sweets, but at the same time hope that it can be healthier, the dual demand for flavor and health is driving product innovation. Today, the throat candy manufacturer will discuss it with you.

1, the functional candy market is promising

From the perspective of regional markets, sales in the Asia Pacific and North America markets have grown considerably. Today, the Asia Pacific region has become the world's second largest candy market. China is a leader, and many multinational brands and regional producers are closely watching the region. Candy needs.

Consumers' attention to the benefits of health functions provides opportunities for the development of functional candy in the Asian market. In particular, some sweeteners that enhance nutrients or add functional ingredients are popular and satisfy the needs of people in different consumption scenarios.

According to the data, in the 12 months to February 2018, 8% of the new candy products listed on the Asian market have functional claims; 31% of Chinese consumers have the habit of eating functional candy such as throat sugar.

In addition to chocolate and fondant, chewing gum is one of the most important components of the entire candy market. The development of functional chewing gum and chewable tablets will be very large, especially in the past six years, the average consumption of global energy chewing gum It has grown by 6.6% annually.

2, a new generation of candy counterattack battle

(1), healthy and light choice, no guilty enjoyment.

The competition in the candy market is becoming more and more fierce. The concern about sugar and calories has brought some pressure on the brand. To revitalize this field, product innovation is particularly important, from sugar reduction to complete replacement. It can cater to the needs and preferences of consumers without affecting their unique and memorable experience of sweets.

Manufacturers and brand owners are also using different methods to reduce the sugar content of products, such as the use of natural sweeteners, sugar alcohols and other sugar substitute products, using fruit ingredients instead of some sugar, adding resistant dextrin Dietary fiber inhibits the body's absorption of sugar.

The new trend in the development of the candy industry is to add special features on top of traditional measures such as "not gaining weight", "controlling blood sugar" and "protecting teeth". For example, for ordinary white-collar workers, they are very sleepy after lunch. In the state of the mouth, a piece of mouth containing microbubbles can quickly invigorate people, wake up the body, enjoy a pleasant taste experience, but will not bring any calorie burden, it is simply a weight manager or a healthy lifestyle seeker. Gospel.

(2) Strengthening the nutritional or functional ingredients in the product

Functional candy is one of the main factors for the differentiated competition of various brands. At present, the functional candy in the domestic market mainly includes vitamin candy, sugar-free chewing gum, mints with brain-clearing effect, and throat lozenges containing Chinese herbal ingredients.

Although oral health and fresh breath are still the focus of product innovation in chewing gum, compressed sugar, and chewable tablets, brand owners have never stopped looking for broader functional claims, such as strengthening the use of iconic health ingredients in products. Typical such as vitamins, minerals, probiotics, DHA, etc., as well as the use of natural fruit ingredients to enhance the health attributes and functional benefits of products, especially younger consumers prefer this type of product.

(3), innovative taste and taste experience, conquering taste buds

Consumers' demands for products are becoming more and more complex. While pursuing health needs, the demands for taste and sensory experience are constantly changing. For confectionery products, it is a kind of product that brings indulgence and enjoyment to people. The experience of flavor and texture sense is the key to let consumers love it, and it is definitely not compromised by brand owners. Part of it, constantly creating new experiences, can conquer the taste buds.

The changes in the market are changing with each passing day. Super consumers such as Pan-90s and 00s are emerging. Their needs are more individualized, changeable, and socialized. These characteristics are becoming more and more difficult for brand owners. How to do it quickly Capturing market information, deploying resources to achieve flexible production, customized services and experiences will be the key to success.

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