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How should the candy industry carry out supply reforms?
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First, what is supply reform?

While moderately expanding aggregate demand, we will focus on strengthening supply-side structural reforms and focus on improving the quality and efficiency of the supply system. In other words, in the past, we always focused on the task of “how to let more people buy products.” Now we have to start with the supply side and control the quality of the products in a mode of on-demand production. Just don't sell the product.

Second, how should modern enterprises carry out supply reform?

With the introduction of supply reform, in terms of implementation, manufacturing has naturally become the main force of supply reform. Among them, relevant people in the industry have proposed two magic weapons of “one plus one ride”, which promoted the structural adjustment of enterprises and the transformation and upgrading of the industry, so as to better serve the needs of customers.

1, transformation and upgrade to do addition

In recent years, with the increase in consumption levels, one of the changes on the demand side is that individualized demand is more prominent. This requires a variety of products on the supply side. To achieve this kind of change on the supply side, objectively requires the manufacturing industry to undergo transformation and upgrading.

2, multi-party interconnection to do multiplication

The so-called multiplication method is to make good use of the "engine" of the Internet, to exert the multiplier effect, and to promote enterprises to become better and bigger. With the emergence of big data and cloud computing, once "invisible hands" are gradually becoming recognized by human society. Through the Internet, companies can more clearly understand the real needs of customers before they are manufactured, which can greatly enhance the scientific and precise production, and free human production and consumption from long-term mismatch.

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