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Children's candy science knowledge
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Children's Candy Science: Does eating too much chocolate candy really get fat?

In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the unscientific chocolate candy. We all know that the human body consumes a certain amount of calories every day, and the calorie intake is less than the calories burned every day, so as long as the intake and consumption of calories are controlled, it will not become fat. It can extract 210 calories per milk gel of about 40 grams, which is produced from chocolate ingredients and cocoa butter, which is only one tenth of the body's daily calorie requirement of 2000 calories. It is not surprising to enjoy 40 grams of chocolate per day. . And now technology has been able to produce sugar-free chocolate. This sugar-free chocolate is a boon for diabetics and dieters because it does not pose a risk of sugar intake while retaining the original taste of chocolate.

Children's Candy Science: Is chocolate candy a non-nutritive sugar food?

In fact, chocolate candy is a very nutritious sugar food, chocolate candy can provide a considerable amount of nutrients for the human body every day. Only about 40 grams of milk chocolate candy contains 3grams of protein, 15% of vitamin B2, 9% calcium, 7% iron, 9% phosphorus, 6% magnesium and 8% copper, which are more than normal milk ingredients. Higher zinc, potassium, anti-skin vitamins.

Children's Candy Science: Does eating chocolate candy cause tooth decay?

When eating any food containing sugar, when the food stays in the mouth for too long, it may cause various dental diseases. Natural chocolate candy is no exception. But chocolate candy contains a natural ingredient that resists the acidic substances in the sugar that easily damage the gums and cause decay. The chocolate, candy, cocoa butter contains protein, calcium, phosphate and other minerals that have a significant protective effect on the gums and slow down the formation of plaque. Furthermore, the sugar content of chocolate dissolves faster in the mouth than the sugar in any other food, so the consumption of chocolate candy has a much less effect on the formation of cavities than on any other confectionery.

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