Is the candy toy 3.0 era coming, is it an opportunity to further expand its market share?_SHANTOU QUTONG TRADING CO.,LTD.
Is the candy toy 3.0 era coming, is it an opportunity to further expand its market share?
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The candy toy industry is a fast-moving market for children's food products in recent years. However, in the process of its development, the domestic market is relatively lagging. The foreign market is relatively mature now, from the A end to the C end. There is a mature industrial chain. The overall domestic development is very strong, which has created many opportunities for the overall market. Of course, this opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. This preparation is divided into two parts. The first category is the manufacturer, the second category. It is a dealer.

The product form of candy toys is actually very simple, it is a combination of small toys + candy, but this combination is very stable in the early market development, because there is no such product on the market, or it is pure pure play, very different. fine. The birth of candy toys is equivalent to a sub-category in the market of candy and toys, opening up a new product category, this category has also harvested a large number of consumers, we call it 1.0 candy toy era.

In the era of candy toys 1.0, there are not many competing products. The product price is not high, and the types are too small. Almost all of them are directly changed from toys or food containers. After a period of development, due to the single product of the market, the number of competing products increased, the homogenization products were serious, and the market share of the major markets was also saturated, and the market was once weak. Competition creates innovation and also creates differentiation. Major manufacturers have found breakthroughs in foreign cartoon foods and found that combining the hot cartoon IP image with food, candy, toys, etc., has increased the added value of products, like a "star effect" product, the natural nature of the product. The passenger flow has been enriched, the market share has further increased, and the sales of various types of single products have also broken through the best performance ever, which has led many manufacturers to taste the sweetness of making quick money and crazy gains. The width of the channel, the dive speed also increased accordingly, and the reputation increased accordingly. This is the 2.0 era of the current candy toy industry.

In the era of candy toys 2.0, the food and candy toys after the cartoon IP join can quickly occupy the market, and can also quickly complete the merchant business investment, which is undoubtedly a market opportunity for the manufacturers with ideas to be more willing to invest heavily. However, the market problems that accompany them are also more prominent. In this candy toy 2.0 era, because product development is not sufficient, the product's unity, plasticity and playability are still not effectively solved, consumers are just taking With a homogenized product with image, the large-scale professional sugar play enterprise has not opened up the industrial chain itself, and the bottleneck still exists. Dealers are constantly increasing their product development and replacement requirements. After simply relying on authorized IP to complete the market share occupation, in the later operations, IP periodicity, product new product changes, dealer inventory backlog, brand weakening and other issues are coming one after another, this is also the candy toy 2.0 era The possibility of a new transition has been created.

Candy toys are a subdivision of the food category in the industry, which has created its product positioning limitations, and the product unit price cannot break through higher attributes. In this framework, the category structure is: children's food, candy toys, children's toys; candy toys are actually in a very embarrassing pricing category, the high positioning does not work, down the cost barrier to get stuck here. This has also led to problems such as the richness of toy products, diversity, lack of quality and difficulty in food selection. During this period, the product development forms were mostly based on the use of the doctrine, the quality control could not be effectively guaranteed, self-development, and the original products were very few, forming the vividness of the cartoon food and non-cartoon food markets. Professional domestic candy brands have not grown in the country.

We have more than ten years of operating experience in the foreign sugar play trade industry, we have complete toy product development capabilities, and we also have a complete international hot IP qualification certification. The scale of the enterprise industry chain is also a leader in the industry, with originality and originality. Its product line has a richer spiritual image, and it is to differentiate products into educational candy toys, so that parents can make active choices. Our operational philosophy has undoubtedly made candy toys begin to enter the candy toy 3.0 era. Product thinking: not only delicious, but also fun. In the design of playing, the quality is upgraded to the height of product aesthetics, and the creation of product system brings about the real combination of food and toys for genetic editing, so that the food can be played and the food that is played is more Interesting, becoming a puzzle product positioning, occupying the minds of consumers. Once released by the market, it was highly recognized by the distributors, signed on-site, and the customers who came to order were coming, and they gave high praise to the forward-looking deployment of our brand.

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