The "single rise" of the candy toy industry
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Along with the strength of Disney and DreamWorks, the childhood economy became the most sensitive vocabulary in business. The huge market of hundreds of billions of dollars per year stimulates the development of the global childhood economy. The "childhood" economy, which is dominated by children and rapidly expands for the happiness of children, is a new type of market economy model, and as a newcomer to childhood economy - The sugar play industry has also gained the favor of more commercial investors by virtue of its high commercial value in recent years.

In the decades of economic globalization, the sugar play industry has moved to an industry driven by these giants of multinational corporations. The peak period of development. As a beneficiary of the global economy, China's sugar play industry has also gained growth opportunities in the economically fertile land of China's reform and opening up and has rapidly cultivated a number of sugar play companies with industry strength. While our company focusing on the sugar play industry is actively adapting to the market, it has also begun to develop its own sugar play on the basis of its understanding of the sugar play industry.

The development of China's sugar play industry has experienced a process from small to large, from simple OEM to today's independent brand creation, China's sugar play industry, and strive to gradually get rid of the development of China's emerging industries. The economic vitality of childhood economy has been verified by the Chinese sugar play industry, and with the expansion of the industry stimulated by childhood economy, open agents have become the main way to expand. We take the open agent as the main business model, and use the osmotic market entry method to simultaneously release the agent from the first, second and third tier cities as a means to completely release the vitality of the childhood economy into the market strategy, and the way of opening the agency is further obtained. The support of national agents. In the future, the childhood economy represented by the sugar play industry will quickly bloom throughout the country.

Let our children laugh because they will also let us understand our value. The childhood economy has made us understand the value of this new business model, and what we want to do now is to make every sugar play in our hands turn into a sweet smile for the children every day.

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