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Children's candy fancy marshmallow making
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Before making children's candy fancy marshmallows, you need to prepare 20 grams of white sugar, 10 grams of red sugar and 10 grams of yellow sugar, then put the materials in the basin, then prepare a small spoon, two bamboo sticks. Prepare these preparations first.

First take 20 grams of red sugar with a small spoon and pour it into the machine's sugar eliminator. After the sugar silk flies out, take a bamboo stick clockwise and rotate it to wrap the sugar on the bamboo stick. Keep it hand-held during the winding process. The balance of the bamboo sticks is kept in a state of moving back and forth, and the sugar filaments are evenly wound around the bamboo sticks.

After winding the sugar filaments, as shown in the above figure, it is made into a spherical shape, which is about 20 cm long and 15 cm in diameter to complete the flower core of the fancy marshmallow.

After the child's candy fancy marshmallow flower core is completed, 10 grams of white sugar is taken in a small spoon and poured into the sugar eliminator.

After the sugar filaments fly out, the wound core is tilted upward by 30 degrees, and the bamboo stick is rotated clockwise to evenly wind the filament onto the flower core, and the method is kept stable during the winding process. And move backwards to achieve a better lace effect.

After completing the previous step, take the bamboo stick wrapped with sugar in the left hand, pick up another bamboo stick in the right hand, perpendicular to the lace of the children's candy fancy marshmallow, prepare for embossing, and then use the bamboo stick to the inside. Press the lace until you hit the flower core to stop, and then press out five petals in turn.

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